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So it’s coming to that time again. We’re coming up on October which means that It’s that time that I open the floodgates for the Annual MCP T-Shirt Design contest! The Top 10 designs hand picked by me will be put into an album on my Facebook ( for you guys to vote on for your favorite. 

The Top 10 designs will be posted October 1st and The winner will be the image with the most likes by the end of October 11th!

The Winner’s design will go up into the t-shirt shop and I’ll be contacting them to deliver a $150 prize plus a print of their design on a t-shirt, color and style of their choosing. (depending on availability in your country, the prize will be 150$ + the cash value of the printed shirt ~$20)

To submit your design E-mail it to me at with the subject “T-Shirt Contest” and the design attached, your name, and a link to any art site or art social media to be included on the image if it makes the top 10.

Remember any winning image will include the artists’s name and site in the webstore, and by submitting your image you are releasing it for use in the store.

The Cut off Date for Submissions is October 1st 12:01AM

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